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Remote Infrastructure Managed Services

For the last five years enterprises have scaled their IT infrastructure to support business growth and to remain competitive. The management of global networks, databases, and applications becomes an extraordinary task for IT departments. They are responsible for ensuring the performance and availability of critical IT services and applications and need to know if there is an incident and what is causing it before the users encounter unavailable service.

EBS Remote Infrastructure Managed Services are positioned to provide visibility through timely reporting, real-time control, and analysis of trends, business continuity, minimized downtime and secured integrity of data. In addition to the absorption of the peaks and troughs of customers’ manpower needs with automation and common operations framework, EBS RIM Services ensure process-based approach to problem solving, escalation, quality and more ensures adherence to standards and security controls.

Find out more about the EBS Remote Infrastructure Managed Service and the way they are expected to offload the client day to day tactical operational responsibilities: EBS RIM Services Datasheet

Download EBS RIM Services Datasheet


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